Montreal native Penelope Fortier is a Jack-of-all-trades; a model, actress, singer-songwriter, guitarist, photographer and mother who's spent the better part of her life traveling around the world, collecting an impressive array of incredible memories and experiences which often serve as the foundation and inspiration, for most of her creative endeavors.

She credits her love of the arts to her parents, both accomplished artists in their own right, who provided for her and her younger sister, a magical and visually stimulating home-environment filled with color, art and music, where extraordinary things could be created out of nothing, and where she was taught to find beauty, even in the darkest corners of the coldest winter days...

Fortier was classically trained in voice and nylon-string guitar, from the age of eight until her late teens but only decided to take her passion for music a step further, a little later along her journey, while living in Los Angeles, where she began writing original material, with the help and encouragement of Montreal Music Producer and musician Alexis Dufresne ( member of the band "El Motor" and son of legendary singer/songwriter Louise Forestier), and Grammy award-winning Music Producer Sheldon Gomberg (Rickie Lee Jones, Ben Harper, She And Him, Fiona Apple, Joseph Arthur), with whom she recorded her debut album: "Sunday At Noon" (released in the fall of 2008), the Single: "My Favorite Things" (from the movie "The Sound of Music", also released in 2008), and her new ten-track record:: "One Way Ticket To The Sun" (released in December, 2017), at his studio "The Carriage House", in Los Angeles.

 "When I first heard Penelope's music, I knew I had to work with her. She melted me. she was sitting there right in front of me, playing her classical guitar and singing these beautiful songs with that beautiful voice! I had no defenses." -Sheldon Gomberg 

About her new album "One Way Ticket To The Sun":
“Traveling gal with her guitar, Penelope Fortier has been on my radar for some time. The songstress' latest record feels like it was composed under many summer moons. A little bit country and a little bit French café, Fortier's gorgeous, breathy vocals lend a romance to tracks that revel in the pleasures of taking it slow. Fortier's Montreal roots are on display here as she slips from English to French and back again- one of the album's great charms, of which there are many.”  - Jane McCarthy

Since the release of her first record, Penelope Fortier has charmed live audiences in and around L.A., Montreal and France and has also performed and/or recorded with the following artists: Zooey Deschanel, Ricki Lee Jones, Mark Eitzel, Haroula Rose, Danny B. Harvey, Eleni Mandell, Les Deux Love Orchestra, The Sonus Quartet, Unloved, Primal Scream, Soul Kid #1, Sweet Relief II, Abby Posner, Paris Loves L.A., Mimes, Of Wine, Alexis, Dufresne, Andy Alt, Anastasia Friedman, Chris Joyner, Don Heffington, Danny Frankel, Dean Parks, Deron Johnson, Groove Gravy, Jeff Young, Kendall Kay, Mike Bolger, Miguel Atwood Ferguson, Monica Behan, Nick Rosen, Pete Thomas, Sophie Beaudet, The Rentals, Stewart Cole, William Gramling, Rie Sinclair,  

She has also been featured in countless fashion editorials and ad campaigns, on billboards and magazine, around the world, and has starred in numerous Television and Internet ads as well, including an International World-MasterCard "Priceless" television ad campaign in which she sings The Sound Of Music's "My Favorite Things".